I would like to thank the Peaceful Passing Companions of Amitabha Hospice for their unfailing and very generous support in looking after me and my mother during her battle with cancer - both in hospital and at home.

In particular, I must say, that Ecie was “my rock” helping us in every way to cope.
Her nursing experience in palliative care proved invaluable many many times,
and she also organised and installed an air mattress for my mum.

More importantly perhaps however, was all the the time she freely gave (daytime, in visiting mum in hospital, and also staying over some nights at our home as the cancer progressed).

I personally don't know how we would have coped without her and Christine’s help – especially in terms of the spiritual wisdom and guidance they gave us during this ordeal and in providing constant help in this way I found Amitabha Hospice's Peaceful Passing Companions to be quite unique and the way in which they put their spiritual values into practice was quite outstanding.

Thank you so very much.

With much love,

Bridie & Jo Gregan


(More to come)